Blockexchange usage


  • Download the mod via the "Content" tab in your minetest application or directly from Github or the ContentDB
  • Enable the secure-http flag for the mod with secure.http_mods = blockexchange in your settings

Download schematics

  • Browse and download schemas with /bx_search and /bx_load [user] [name] or search for them here

Upload schematics

  • To upload schematics you have to login first (you can also use external logins for github , discord or mesehub )
  • After that you can go to your profile page and obtain your access-token or create a new one
  • Enter the access-token into your chat-console, for example /bx_login myusername abcdef (copy+paste from the browser to the game should work too)
  • Select the area you want to upload with /bx_pos1 and /bx_pos2
  • Upload it with /bx_save [schematic name]
  • The schematic should now be visible in the search page
  • A reference of the available commands is in the official mod source